Is Sex Better If You Plan It With A Spreadsheet?

Startup Life: Surviving and Thriving in a Relationship with an Entrepreneur is a new love-guide written by US venture capitalist Brad Feld and his wife Amy. As its name implies, the book is filled with relationship tips from a managerial perspective, including the dubious claim that spreadsheets can do wonders for your sex life.

Bedroom laptop picturefrom Shutterstock

"You may disagree about whether to bring goal orientation into your sex life or whether you need a spreadsheet to track your data," the book explains in terrifyingly clinical fashion. "...But subjective emotions can be tempered by objective information."

Using the above as a kind of nooky template, Feld and his wife co-authored a list together and then rigidly stuck to it in a bid to build "basic patterns" into their love life.

"If you can agree on the amount, frequency and type of actions that matter, then you can see whether the entrepreneurial partner is meeting those targets. It's also a way to forestall feeling nagged or being falsely accused of being neglectful."

If your spouse says they're too tired to have sex, we doubt firing up Microsoft Excel is going to change their mind somehow.

Thankfully, the book isn't entirely devoted to spreadsheet-driven coitus: there are also tips on how to deal with limited recreational time and extended periods apart — "because while entrepreneurs lead intensely rewarding lives time is always short".

If this sounds appealing/morbidly fascinating, you can download the ebook from Amazon for $12.99.

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    "spreadsheet-driven coitus"
    I think you just inadvertently came up with an episode concept for The Big Bang Theory season 7.


    and BIG DATA :-)

    (also... how does one even find a stock photo like that ? I'm just sayin')

    Last edited 09/07/13 11:45 am

      Also I don't think the people in that photo are old enough to be having sex.

        Exactly, they're googling for instructions

        Last edited 09/07/13 10:09 pm

      "Bed + laptop"

        Googled that search and IMO any of these seem more age-appropriate and less creepy. (except perhaps the last one that looks like the a guy on the bed with his mum ? )〈=en&search_source=search_form#id=82812325&src=_ZzFO1qsiSmLmjm0T4sxZQ-1-67

    "Come back to my place, and I'll show you my collection of macros"

      They call me the king of the spreadsheets
      Got 'em all printed out on my bedsheets...

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