How To Automate Microsoft Office Deployment With Office 365 ProPlus

Here’s a great new video series to help IT Pros understand, deploy and manage the new Office. This week Microsoft’s Jeremy Chapman and Australia’s own Yoni Kirsch (from Fastrack Technology) deep-dive into Click-to-Run: the new Setup tech used by Office 365 ProPlus instead of the traditional Windows Installer (MSI). Yoni also tries to install 365 — without Internet access — while performing high-G Aerobatics in a Red Bull stunt plane!

This episode covers the XML controls, various Office Deployment Tool switches and other options that IT Pros have at deploy time. Here, the Office Deployment Tool for Click-to-Run is used to download, install, uninstall and convert Office packages for use with Application Virtualisation.

Step through all the methods discussed in this video at the official Office IT Pro blog.

You can also catch more of the Office Garage Series For IT Pros at ...or via YouTube and Twitter.


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