Give Yourself A $300 Mental Raise To Bring The Joy Back Into Your Work

Give Yourself A $300 Mental Raise To Bring The Joy Back Into Your Work
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How would your work change if you were paid $300 or more an hour? Pretend for a bit that you are getting paid that much. It could transform how productive and happy you are at work.

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The Dumb Little Man says this mental exercise turned a joyless, exhausted team around. With each person thinking they were officially worth $300 an hour, the team spent every minute more purposefully and with more focus on projects of their choice. Also:

• We changed the way we carried ourselves. We had to make sure that we were delivering work that was valued at $300 an hour to clients and to each other. We became more confident and intentional in everything we did. Work became satisfying and fun again. We have time to remember why we like these clients and why we believe in their success. When you’re doing work that you care about, it’s amazing how quickly you can achieve high-quality results.

• We changed the way we thought. My mental raise was nothing more than a shift of mindset, but the effect it had on my work and my life was incredible. Each day, we decide how we want to feel: happy, enthused, and hopeful about work — or none of the above. We made a conscious decision to feel differently, and it snowballed to affect everything else we did.

You’ve probably experienced before the invigoration that comes with an actual raise. This mind hack, even if you try it just for a day, could give you a similar boost by reminding you that your time is so valuable.

Your Time is Money: What if You Were Worth $US300 an Hour? [Dumb Little Man]


  • Sounds very much like something the Pointy Haired Boss from Dilbert would come up with. Less of a mindhack and more of proving to yourself how gullible you are

  • I’d nip out at lunch time and spend my day’s “pay”. Might make paying my mortgage or buying food a bit tricky later in the month though.

  • … Seriously? Just pretend you are making what you are being billed at? This is business, not freaking fantasy camp.. Where its effective or not.

  • Thomas, Dman, grod – you all missed the point. It was not “zomg Imagination Christmas!” make-feel-good play time.

    It’s “If you were charging $300 (or 500, or 1000) an hour, how would your priorities shift?” “Make decisions and take action as if you were charging a hefty sum for your labor. See what changes.”

    • I agree with what your saying but the headline was written in a way that does not convey the articles content very well.

      Additionally delivering more value does not automatically increase happiness.

      spending an hour Fixing a production system outage is probably worth more to my financial services employer than me spending an hour on my side ‘skunkworks’ project they may never use. Guess which gives me more satisfaction.

  • While I’m at it, I’m also going to pretend I drive a BMW, pretend my girlfriend is a victoria secret supermodel and my small 1 bedroom apartment is a mansion on a beach 😛

  • Basically lying to yourself to get through the day
    It’s like the bruised housewife that tells herself that her husband cares about her

    If you really want to know what is most important in life, ask yourself what you would do with your life if all money vanished from the face of the earth.

    If you want a $300 raise, become a banker

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