Get A PlayStation Vita With One Of Three Games, $199 From JB Hi-Fi

Was it really February 2012 when the PS Vita launched in Australia? I guess it's not that long ago... but long enough that deals and bundles for the handheld are becoming more common. And cheaper. This latest one from JB Hi-Fi isn't bad — a Vita with a copy of LittleBigPlanet for $199.

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The deal was spotted yesterday by user rakerr on OzBargain and while the the product page on the JB Hi-Fi website states that it comes with just LittleBigPlanet, you can apparently choose from two other games — Soul Sacrifice and All-Stars Battle. Note that it's the Wi-Fi model only, so if you're after 3G too, you'll need to look elsewhere.

My Google-fu shows the Wi-Fi model retailing locally for $300-400, so getting a brand new unit for $199, with a game, seems like a good deal.

A few posters in the OzBargain thread had a go at getting EB Games to price-match, without success, though you might have better luck with your local store.

The offer appears valid until Sunday, so if you're keen, head over to JB!

Playstation Vita (Wifi) Console (+ Little Big Planet) [JB Hi-Fi]


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