From The Tips Box: Training Wheels, Dropbox Searches

Readers offer their best tips for improving bicycle training wheels, searching Dropbox with Everything and working with multi-column Twitter.

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Use Rollerblade Wheels in Place of Training Wheels

Alan Wojtowicz gets some better training wheels:

I always hated the training wheels that came from the store. I salvaged some wheels from in-line skates, added a washer as a spacer to the original brackets and there you go. Looks cool and doesn't have the noise of the original plastic wheels.

Search Dropbox with Everything for Windows

Stephen Thompson fixes an annoyance with the Everything search program for Windows:

I noticed a problem with Everything not finding files in my Dropbox, and I found a fix on this site with a video explaining the solution (shown above, skip to 5min 15 sec mark).

Basically once Everything is open, you have to:

  1. Go to Tools > Options > Exclude (as explained in the video it's actually misnamed and should be called "Exclude/Include")
  2. Make sure "Exclude files and folders" is checked
  3. Click the "Add Folder" button and browse to your Dropbox folder.
  4. Breathe a sigh of contentment that Dropbox and Everything like each other now

Shrink Multi-Column Twitter Clients with Win+Up and Win+Down

Here's a little tip I discovered myself: I don't like to use multi-column Twitter clients, mostly because they take up too much space on my screen. I want it docked to the side with one column, like Twitter for Mac or DestroyTwitter (a Windows client that I don't like very much, despite its single-column interface). Well, I just re-discovered a great Windows shortcut that does the job well enough: Win+Up and Win+Down.

Now, I just resize TweetDeck to be one column tall on my left monitor. When I want to access a tab other than my home screen, I just hit Win+Up to maximise it, making the whole client easier to traverse (since some popups won't show if the window is only one column wide). Then I can just hit Win+Down to put it back when I'm done. It isn't perfect, but it's better than nothing!


    I thought that the trend was to have kids learn to ride on balance bikes instead of training wheels.

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