Find A Different Route To Work To Exercise Your Brain

Find A Different Route To Work To Exercise Your Brain

When you need to trick your brain into getting a bit more creative, artificial limits can help. One method you can try is forcing yourself to find a new route to work.

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As productivity blog Lifehack points out, picking a different way to get to work can get your brain to do things it’s not accustomed to doing during your routine, including problem solving or finding creative solutions. Not to mention the new stimuli you’ll see on the way:

This may seem like a small thing, but by going out of your way to find new ways to get to work you are changing your input naturally. You will see new things, think about new things and make new connections.

This is unlikely to be an option for public transport users, but for drivers, it’s worth considering. Check out the source link for more ways to get your brain thinking more creatively.

5 Ways to Create Better Ideas [Lifehack]


  • if driving down a new street is the only thing that stimulates your brain throughout your life then you need a new job or you need to emit yourself into some sort of institution quick, before you go postal.

  • I Take the train to work (I could take the Tram but 45min compared to 20min)

    When driving there are only 2 roads I can take (unless you stupidly start driving down side streets that go no where)

    How about this: Find the fastest route to work and back home and spend more time doing the things you like?

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