Chrome For IOS Adds Full Browsing History, Easy Sign-In To Google Apps

iOS: Google has released a new update for Chrome on iOS that finally brings full browser history, as well as a streamlined process for signing into Google Apps.

If you use multiple Google services on iOS, you're probably used to logging into every single one. It's tedious and frustrating. With the new update, logging into your account in Chrome will allow you to log in to other Google apps with just one tap, much the same way as it works in Android.

Additionally, you can now tap the menu button to see your browsing history. Fullscreen mode also works on the iPad now. Finally, Google is experimenting with a data compression technique that will help pages load faster (similar to what Opera has been doing for a while).

Chrome [iTunes App Store via Google]


    I thought they've had google sign in for awhile now... Atleast mines been doing that...

    It's about time they added history, that's the one thing I've been missing :p

    Multiple sign-ins across multiple devices are especially painful when you have 2-step authentication, like I do.

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