Can An Ugly Justin Bieber Save Boozy Teens?

Can An Ugly Justin Bieber Save Boozy Teens?

The Drinking Mirror App is an anti-alcohol tool designed by the Scottish government in a bid to reduce binge drinking. The app uses editing software to show heavy drinkers what their face will look like after ten years of hitting the bottle. It can also be used to uglifiy annoying celebrities — which could be a far more effective strategy when it comes to wild tweens.

Today, our colleagues at Business Insider used the Drinking Mirror App to find out what Kim Kardashian, Justin Bieber and other starlets would look like if they continue partying into the next decade. Wrinkles, droopy eyes, saggy jowls, reddened cheeks: the results aren’t pretty.

While the BI article was supposed to be a bit of fun, we think it could be used as an effective booze deterrent for celeb-obsessed teens. As we recently learned to our peril, Bieber fans take the pop star and his music incredibly seriously. Showing your kids what booze can do to their beloved idol could scare them sober for life.

Kotaku editor Mark Serrels happens to be Scottish like the app, so we figured we’d stick him through the digital wringer to see what he’s going to look like in ten years. (If you’re reading this Mark, it was all Angus’ idea!)

Fortunately, Mark is that rarest of combos — a teetotal Scot — so he should be relatively okay in the looks department. You can download the Drinking Mirror App here.


  • So retarded.. How about they invest their money in something that isn’t a terrible attempt at propaganda…

    Sure, drinking is bad for you, and its POSSIBLE could make you look that way.. But in reality many alcoholics never have any symptoms like that at all.

    • Given this statement, and your comment on the “best shavers” thread saying you couldn’t use a DE razor because of the “twitches” you have in the morning from “lack of caffeine” (nice one) I’m deducing that you yourself are in fact an alcoholic.

  • So 10 years from now, Mark will have identical forehead and eye wrinkles to Kim Kardashian?

  • I’d definatly wanna put my girldfriendd picture through this before I proposed, just for a worse case scenario.

  • Kids struggle enough with self esteem. If we start showing them pictures of “ugly” Justin Bieber which just make him look like an average Joe, doesn’t that say every average Joe is ugly?

    • Actually it makes him look better. In the fist pic he just looks like a woman without makeup, the second pic makes him look a lot more masculine. So, he SHOULD drink.

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