Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi Emulation Machine

Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi Emulation Machine

The Raspberry Pi is a fantastic little low-powered device that can do all sorts of things, and we’ve certainly seen our share of video game related projects for it. This one, from Instructables user Zaqq, takes it above and beyond, and turns the Pi into a completely portable retro game centre.

Like our own all-in-one retro game console, Zaqq’s project uses RetroPie to get all the emulators set up and working on the Raspberry Pi. From there, the machine gets stuffed into a briefcase with a cheap screen, hooked up to a battery pack, and then mounted with pick and pluck foam. Its ends up looking great, and it’s functional to boot. We’ve seen a similar setup before, but Zaqq’s guide on Instructables is a bit more clear, and the end result is much cleaner-looking.

Portable Raspberry Pi Emulation Machine [Instructables]


  • I’m building something similar, albeit in a small hand held case (the intention is a portable C64 console). Using a Raspberry Pi Model B and a touchscreen display driver board from ebay. I need to obtain a simple controller to gut and use the direction pad and a few buttons.

    Initially making the case in balsa and then will draw up the plans in Inkscape and send it to a laser cutter to make a permanent case.

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