Build A Sturdy Raspberry Pi Case For Under $10

You can build a Raspberry Pi case from just about anything. Instructables user sandshock shows off an incredibly simple but fantastic-looking case built using just a piece of a oak and about $10 in parts.

While some mild woodworking is involved, the beauty of this case design is that pretty much anyone can do it with minimal tools. Using a few parts picked up from the hardware store and a power drill, the case can be slapped together pretty quickly. The end result looks great, protects the Pi, and doesn't take much work to make. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

Oak Raspberry Pi case for under $10 [Instructables]


    No offence to whoever made this instructable or anything, but I wouldn't exactly flaunt this and showcase it on my desk... It looks like someone's high school woodwork assignment :\

      lets see your $10 alternative

        Ok here's my project for a sub-$10 case: Go to ebay, search for raspberry pi cases, sort by price and "Buy Now" only. Buy the $6 acrylic case from China/Hong Kong. Or, if you're feeling lavish, spend $6.88 and get the acrylic case that comes with 3 additional heatsinks (for some reason)

        @os7 - I wasn't going to go for the gratuitous plug, but, since you asked:

        You can get one from inside Australia, via express post, that will save about 1/2 an hour construction time from AusPi Technologies for $9.95.

        If you're really feeling rich, you can lash out and pay $13 for the same Acrylic one that Chinese sellers sell for on eBay for $6, and get it 2 days later.

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      It's all personal taste. I love it, the only thing I would change is the bulky screws. I think I'd try longer thinner ones.

      You could also make it a little bigger and run a tiny fan from the Pi's +5v GPIO pins.

        i like it too. i like that its wood and not plastic, the screws dont even bother me. in fact you could go with the screws thing and maybe find some a bit more attractive, somewhere maybe anyway.

    Can buy an acrylic case off ebay for less than $10 and it will look a lot better than that

    I stand by my holes poked into the cardboard box it came in :)

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