Briefly: Kellogg's Pulls Unhealthy Ads, Alchemy Demystified, Watch Lifehacker On The Project

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Kellogg's slapped by Advertising Standards Bureau for dodgy LCM ads, Microsoft releases OneNote update for Android and iOS, the secret science of alchemists.

  • Kellogg's has been forced to pull two ads for its LCM snack bars after the Advertising Standards Bureau ruled they were in breach of the Responsible Children's Marketing Initiative (RCMI) by encouraging poor dietary habits. Read the full report at AdNews.
  • A science historian is attempting to unravel the mysteries of alchemy: the notoriously secretive school of philosophy that had more in common with magic than science. Watch the video here.
  • Microsoft has released new versions of OneNote for iPad, iPhone and Android. The updates usher in a host of new functionality and features. You can find out more be paying a visit to the OneNote blog.
  • If you missed it last night, Lifehacker's own Angus Kidman was on Channel Ten's The Project discussing phone and gadget addiction. You can watch the full episode here.


    Considering The Project goes for about 45 minutes, a time stamp would have been useful to see Kidman's appearance without having to watch or shuttle through the program hoping to find it.

    The story, titled "Doomsday Devices", *eye roll* starts at 22 minutes.

    Last edited 02/07/13 5:56 pm

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