Briefly: Instagram Web Embeds, 2000-Player Paintball Match, Turnbull To Quit (It Says Here)

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: TomTom and Yahoo!7 partner to provide Live Traffic, Skype update for Android users, 2000-Player Paintball Match.

  • Instagram just announced web embeds, which will allow users and sites to embed Instagram photos and videos directly into a page, similar to how YouTube and Twitter work now. Read more here.
  • Skype just released an update to its Android app that makes it much easier to sign out from anywhere in the app. Now we just need a similar update for the Windows version. Read more here.
  • TomTom has announced the integration of live traffic updates on Yahoo!7’s News property to assist drivers in Australia. The Live Traffic-backed site will provide traffic updates for the whole country with geo-tagged landing pages for NSW, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia. Live Traffic is based on real travel time data that is captured by vehicles driving the entire road network and is updated every two minutes.
  • Around the time of Kevin Rudd’s National Press Club address today, Twitter was abuzz with the headline: Turnbull To Quit Politics. The headline circulated like wildfire around the watchers of the Aussie politi-sphere but turned out to be blatantly false and related to a linked article published in 2010. You can read about the amusing storm in a teacup — along with some choice Twitter reactions — over at Gizmodo.
  • Paintball is hair-raising fun, but for most of us it's limited to twenty or so people. Imagine battling it out in a massive field with 2000 other combatants? Some crazy Americans did just that and stuck the results on YouTube.
  • After consuming the horror that was the McDonald's Noah's Ark burger today, a healthy dinner is definitely in order. If you're in a similar boat, this Tabbouleh Salad recipe from PopSugar Health & Fitness could be what the doctor ordered.

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      I love combining the headlines when they list them all sequentially.

      "Instagram of 2000 player paintball match, Turnbull quits."

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