Briefly: Galaxy Tab 3 Hits Australia, Aston Martin Works Factory, Gymnast Robots Are Go!

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: The Elder Scrolls’ Septimus Signus prank calls a library, Samsung launches new Galaxy Tab 3 range, Horizontal Bar Gymnast Robot does quadruple backflip.

  • The Off Button is an Android app that lets you switch off TVs with the press of a button. The app was exclusively available on the HTC One at launch, but has now been updated to support the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can get the app here.
  • We usually find prank calls tiresome and obnoxious, but this ICEnJAM stunt made the gamer in us giggle. The pranksters rang up various libraries and asked to borrow “the Elder Scrolls” using nothing but Septimus Signus voice samples. (Septimus is a character from the video game The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim who is notable for his stuffy English accent.) The librarians get increasingly flummoxed by the Tolkien-esque fantasy bollocks being spewed by the phantom caller. You can listen to the recording here.
  • There are very few car brands that carry the prestige of the Aston Martin brand. This video gives an in-depth tour of Aston Martin Works: a workshop factory that services everything from Pre-War Aston Martins to modern day Zagato Vantages.
  • Want to see a gymnast robot do a a quadruple backflip? Sure you do.
  • Samsung debuted the Galaxy Tab 3 range in Australia this morning with prices starting at just $249. There are three Galaxy Tab 3′s in the new range: all at differing sizes and price points. You can get all the details over at Gizmodo. Meanwhile, we were more enthused about Samsung’s move towards non-propriety chargers.
  • Computer Alliance is currently selling the MSI 2G GTX680 Twin FROZR Overclocked PCIe graphics card for $399 — a saving of $150. [Via OzBargain]