Briefly: Best New Sci-Fi TV, Last-Minute Steam Specials, OptusNow Updates

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including new sci-fi shows that are worth catching this season, the best last-minute picks at the Steam sale and an update to Optus' network issues tracking app.

  • Lifehacker's Chris Jager is helping out over at Gizmodo this week, and dives straight in with a roundup of sci-fi and tech shows you need to catch this season. Given what happened with Doctor Who, I am not getting my hopes up for the US remake of The Tomorrow People
  • At Kotaku, fill-in editor Junglist (yeah, holidays are big around here right now) identifies games worth buying in the final hours of the Steam sale.
  • Optus has released an updated version of its OptusNow app, which crowdsources feedback on network performance to identify blackspots and other issues. The app itself is zero-rated, so data transmitted using it won't affect your data alowance.
  • Getting up in the morning to exercise can be challenging in winter. POPSUGAR Fitness rounds up some useful tips to motivate you to leave the bed behind and get moving.


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