Ask LH: What Can I Do With My iPhone Gucci Case?

Ask LH: What Can I Do With My iPhone Gucci Case?
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Hi Lifehacker, I have a nice iPhone 4S case from Gucci with a snap tab button on top. I am getting an iPhone 5 next month when my contract expires, and since it’s taller, the new phone and old case is a mismatch. Can you please suggest some alternative uses for these iPhone cases? I sometimes use it as a card case and folded notes if I dont want to carry a bulky wallet. Thanks, A Case Of . . .

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Dear ACO,

Before we go any further, we need to poke fun at you for owning a Gucci phone accessory. It’s kind of a legal obligation. Like Nickleback fans, “Twi-hards” and male redheads, you belong to a group that society is actively encouraged to shun and ridicule. You can insert your own appropriately scornful hipster/attentionista joke here. Now, onto the advice…

In the past, we’ve looked at how you can turn your smartphone case into a camera tripod or retro arcade cabinet — but these are projects better suited to cheap, disposable cases. As you mention, you might be able to carry the case around as a makeshift card case or note holder but despite the designer trappings, it’s not a very elegant solution (if any readers have a more practical idea, let ACO know in the comments section below).

Because the iPhone 5 has larger dimensions to the iPhone 4S, it’s not really possible to customise your case without ruining it in the process. The best option is probably to sell it via the usual online avenues.

It could also be worth having the item valued for maximum return — this guide offers some handy tips on how to determine a selling price. Provided the case in in good nick you should be able to get a reasonable chunk of coin that can then be put towards another insufferably trendy case for your iPhone 5. (Sorry, we thought we’d got the insults out of our system. We’ll behave now.)

Alternatively, you could post it on a donations site like Freestyle — all that good karma will make up for owning the case in the first place. (Sorry.)


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  • From previous experience I find my old phones tend to hang around rather than instantly vaporizing. Why don’t you display the stylishly protected 4S proudly while streaming music, sonos style, with something like airfoil.

  • I think you missed an important point here …

    Someone bought a Gucci iPhone case???

    • Yes, like the others who bought it from Castlereagh St flagship store. Why youre surprised is indeed surprising.

  • I think the answer is obvious – you throw it in the bin, because you’re rich. Then you get a Gucci case for your iPhone 5. Who recycles stuff when you’re rolling in cash?

    • Yes recycling is nothing new thats why Im looking for some ideas. Having cash or being rich has nothing do with it. Its a luxury item. It costs less than you think. I dont smoke, i dont drink alcohol, i dont drink coffee, i dont eat chocolates or candies. Imagine how much you could spend daily on these little luxuries. Add them up. I have. Since i dont have these daily expenditures, this explains how i can afford the things that i like.

  • It was a trick question!

    What you should be doing is waiting a little longer for the iPhone 5S.

    Unless you’re really that dumb. In which case it’d make perfect sense why you bought that case in the first place.

      • Actually the joke’s on you, he’s making a quite apt remark about the close proximity of iPhone releases.

  • @chrisjager … Can understand including Nickelback fans and Twi-hards in your mockery agenda (those being activities or interests somebody actively chooses to engage in for whatever reason), but in all seriousness perpetuating gingerism is a short step away from condoning homophobia or racism. It’s encouraging or accepting discrimination / bullying / vilification of a group of people based on physical characteristics over which they have no control. I expect better from the AU Allure network.

    • @beeawwb – Spoken like a true ginger ninja. – I’ve always wondered, are rangers actually firey from birth, or is it a result of constantly being told you’re firey from early childhood?

    • I’d have to agree to your sentiment. I’ll take any friendly ribbing about my red hair, but lobbing me in with Nickleback fans and Twi-hards is a low blow. What next? Comparing me to Beliebers? *Shudder*

    • To those down-voting specifically – I’d ask you to consider why it is you’re down voting somebody attempting to stand up to vilification (I welcome your constructive criticism, honestly) …? Is it because something as trivial as the colour of one’s hair is “soft” or otherwise not worthy of attention?

      Was Susan B. Anthony soft, standing up for Women’s rights? Was Martin Luther King soft, standing up for African American rights? Is George Takei soft, standing up for homosexual rights and marriage equality?

      Those 3 examples are all ones where legislation has been specifically used deny rights or access to equality for specific groups of people on the basis of sex, race, or orientation. I’m not suggesting that red-heads face the same persecution or legal and social stigmas those groups once (and to some extents still) faced, but to deny that a stigma even exists? A fallacy.

      My opinion isn’t a popular one, sure. It’s an easy target of an extremely small minority, and everybody needs an outlet for their humour. Hell, I make jokes myself. Maybe that’s not the issue though. If nobody sits down and says “You know what? Why am I attacking this group in particular? Why is that right, why is that OK?” then nothing would ever change. We’d still be in a world where bigger problems exist and I wouldn’t be able to be speaking up now.

      So write it off as too small a problem, write it off as soft whining, write it off as just another Patricia bitching and moaning. If just one person pauses for a few seconds, it’s a victory.

    • B-ob…. Are you a ranga? Do you suffer from Gingervitis? the fact that you have labelled it Gingerism is basically the very thing you are calling out. Ever told a dumb blonde joke before? Or and asked what the latest Irish invention is? I bet you have.
      I’m calling you out as a hypocrite. Get over yourself, life’s to short to worry about racism and discrimination. KCCO dude!

      • See above response to myself: Yes, I have told blonde jokes. I’ve told ranga jokes. Etc etc etc. But yesterday I asked myself “why?”, and what the difference was between that and any other form. Will I continue to make jokes in the future? Probably… But I’m going to make a conscious effort not to.

        And yes, for the record, I suffer a mutation of the MC1R. Only a ginger can call another ginge a ginger.

  • Thanks LH (Chris) for answering my query above and your suggestions minus the mockery. And i agree, the red head joke is tasteless. Btw, the photo here is a fake Gucci case – remember ive mentioned “snap tab top closure”?

    Thanks Guccio for the idea.

    What i see in everyday is the freedom of choice. Why some people are quick to be judgmental is beyond me, maybe manners are lacking or just having a bad day? Unfortunately, judgmental people in my experience, always sound bitter and ignorant and probably doesnt think that the greatest thing about democracy is the freedom of choice. Like the fact that I chose to ask for advice here, unfortunately, mockery was on the agenda. Which probably reflect beliefs and not advice giving skills.

    Should i then judge you on why you bought that GStar jeans? or that Jack London coat? Or maybe your choice of footwear? No, i wont go that low. So instead of entertainment value, maybe focus on the purpose of this website…? Peace to all.

    • Inability to take a joke AND a penchant for overpriced Gucci accessories. Sounds about right.

  • Was this Gucci case to match a gold iphone which, let me guess, goes in a Gucci handbag along with other Gucci Gucciness?

    Rather than wonder why you’d by a case like this, I’m kinda wondering what it’s creators were thinking…

    I really hope this person doesn’t get another Gucci case for their iphone 5, but that hope may be short lived -_-


  • Honestly, stop judging the OP (and people like them) because of the accessories they buy. Everyone has different priorities and tastes. I am sure some might find it weird that a gamer spent a tonne of money just to get a Razer keyboard when a generic cheapie still has the same number of keys and types accurately, just as you find it silly that someone wants a high fashion branded phone case.

    The advice given in the answer applies to any old phone case as well, be it Gucci or otherwise. If its something you like for some reason or another then it stands to reason that you’d be interested in finding a continued use for it.

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