Ask LH: How Can I Fix The iOS 6 Picture Insertion Bug?

Ask LH: How Can I Fix The iOS 6 Picture Insertion Bug?

Hey Lifehacker? What’s not to love about the iPhone iOS 6 feature which lets you ‘Insert Photo or Video’ directly into an email? Not much — except ALL text entered after inserting the pic DOESN’T send!

I type my hearty hello, hold and tap to place my photo in the body of the email (ooooh pretty), merrily continue my message, sign off, proof and send. Neither the recipient nor my Sent folder (Gmail) display ANYTHING after the picture. Am I haunted? Be there a ghost in that there machine? Apparently it’s not just me but solutions via the ever-trusty Google Machine have failed me. Any thoughts? Thanks, Picture (Im)perfect

Dear PiP,

As you mentioned, this is a known iOS 6 issue that only affects some users. Unfortunately, there don’t seem to be any obvious fixes to this bug. You could always try re-synching your phone to your emails but otherwise most internet help forums seem pretty stumped.

Image integration in email often causes dramas — pictures sent via iPhone to Outlook regularly show up in the email’s text body rather than as attachments, for example.

In this case there’s probably not much you can do except wait for Apple to fix the issue. In the meantime, either keep images below the text (not ideal but better than nothing) or log-in via the browser.

If any iOS users know of a solution that we haven’t come across, please let PiP know in the comments section below.


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