Are You More Introverted Or Extroverted?

Are You More Introverted Or Extroverted?
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For some of us, the ideal night out is surrounded by a hundred people with loud music, while for others, the best way to spend the evening is at home with a book or playing a game by themselves. Which type do you identify with more?

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More importantly” how do you coexist with people who are different? If you’re an introvert (like me), you might recharge best by spending several hours alone. That can cause friction, though, if you have extroverted friends or significant others who prefer to go out or socialise frequently.

Which type of personality do you tend towards more, and how do you balance that with others who are different? Do you negotiate trade-offs (“we’ll stay in on Friday, but go out on Saturday”)? Do you prefer to find friends who have the same preferences as you? How do you approach people when you need to discuss that your socialisation and down time needs are different from theirs?


  • Hmm…. I sometimes need quiet and book and sometimes crowd of silly. Depends whats on.

  • The best article I have seen on intro/extro explained that the difference between the two is not so much the ideal night example. I’m an introvert too but my ideal night is spending time socialising with friends too difference is an extrovert feeds off it, I need to recharge after it. It’s not something that needs to be discussed, anyone worth having as a friend will be intelligent enough to realise it and accept it.

  • I’m a borderline. I’ve done the Myers Briggs (MBTI) a number of times over the years, and i’m normally between 47% and 53% for Introvert/Extrovert. Some people see me as “definitely extrovert”, but that’s because I will put on a show when I need to.
    I don’t think extroverts necessarily want big crowds and lots of noise. The extrovert feeds off others’ presence (centre of the room, life of the party) – possibly in small groups. The introvert couldn’t care if they are engaging people.
    Most of the extroverts I associate with don’t like large crowds: no concerts, no football games. They’d prefer to have a smaller group where they can make more noise and get more attention 😉

  • I never go to parties, because I have no desire to. I socialise with people at my house and theirs one-on-one. If they invite me to a party I say I don’t like parties, and they are fine with that.

  • I’m pretty close to 50/50. I’m not a big one to go out at night partying, but I do enjoy meeting/working with new people and catching up with friends during the day. But an ideal Saturday night for me is sitting with the wife on the couch watching a DVD.

  • I’m about as far along the introverted side of the scale as a person can be (100% introversion on the Myers-Briggs test). I’m always the first to leave any social event because anything longer than 2-3 hours is just completely exhausting, regardless of the occasion. Unfortunately not many people understand this, and think I’m just being antisocial. I’m not antisocial, I do actually like spending time in a social setting, it just has to be in very small, measured doses.

    When I was younger, I used to despise myself because of my introversion. Growing up an introvert in a society that openly idolises extroverts is never easy. Now though, I’ve come to realise that’s just how I am, and introversion isn’t the terrible thing that I used to think it was.

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