Xbox One Will Cost $599 In Australia

Ahead of Microsoft's E3 press conference later today, Mark over at Kotaku has confirmed that the Australian pricing for the Xbox One will be $599 when it launches in November year. The US price will be $US499.

While that's a price premium for Australia, it isn't a massive one; bear in mind that the US price isn't tax inclusive, so once you add in GST, you're looking at closer to $550. Allow for currency variations and the gap isn't enormous.

As several Kotaku commenters note, it's a much smaller difference than with previous generation consoles, where differentials of several hundred dollars occurred. The pricing is also much lower than the $899 guesstimate which retailers who offered pre-orders quoted. Whether that price will overcome reservations about needing constant connectivity and not being able to sell games remains to be seen.



    The price makes sense. The AUD has typically been higher than the USD gor the last few years. If you add 10% GST on $500 (the US price of the new console) and another 10% (because you're a bunch of stupid Australians and we can charge you what we want), you get $600.
    The math is quite simple.
    Thanks Microsoft.

      Its a shame that a fraction of America has dickheads like you in it.

      The math is simple, Dan Zammell = Ignorant, uneducated imbecile.

    Yeah, there is not justifiable reason that can be put forth other than just pure greed and because they can. To US we are Cash Cows. Can you say moo.

    Could've been worse I guess - the Xbox 360 launched in Australia for more than 50% the price in the US


    Can't understand the price rip off?? The console is coming here from the same factory in chine. Doesn't cost that much more to send it here. It's the same with Sony console. Australians getting ripped off

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