Would The Blue Screen Of Death Be Better With More Swearing?

Windows 8 includes a redesigned 'blue screen of death', but arguably it could be improved. Pictured above is a tongue-in-cheek redesign proposed by Microsoft tech guru Mark Russonovich at the recent TechEd North America event.

We like this better than the classic version and the new Windows 8 version (below). We'd like it even more if we never had to see a blue screen again. That said, we're realists. Software crashes.


    Good timing, i had a Win8 crash today, my Virtual Machine crashed due to lvrs64.drv (Logitech Webcam), i was using the webcam mic in a online meeting when it happened, wasn't happy.

    It should say something more like:
    Well, there's nothing you or I can do about it now, so let's restart when you're ready

    If you'd like to know more about what actually happened, I could tell you right now but my programmers were too lazy to include it here, it is my fault that you're staring at this screen, but you're going to do the extra work to find out what happened, I think that's fair"

    Though I don't think computers should show emotions, it's just so fake, I know it's pretending.
    Besides my computer would never cry like a woman.

      I agree. I really don't like when programs have text that says "Sorry!" How can you apologise? You're not a person, you have no understanding of personal responsibility! That said, I like when things are phrased in common English. The 'OMG WTF' thing isn't so bad. I'm less likely to respond to "Your computer has encountered an unexpected error and needs to restart." Not really something I'm feeling at the time, so it makes matters worse by patronising. Maybe that's just me.

    Can't remember my last blue screen... Would have been Windows XP when my graphics card started to age, I think.

    I can definitely recall quite a few Kernel Panics on OS X, though.

      Yeah I haven't seen a blue screen since XP, apart from that time the video card in my Vista machine got fried.

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