Word Notebooks Make Quick Work Of To-Do Lists

Word Notebooks Make Quick Work Of To-Do Lists

We all love a handy little aesthetically-pleasing notebook, but most just give you lined paper and call it a day. Word Notebooks take their job a little more seriously and come with a simple but effective task management system.

It works like this:

  • Make a bullet point for a to-do item
  • Circle it if you want to mark it as important
  • Put one diagonal line through it to mark the task as in progress
  • Put another diagonal line to make an X and mark the task as complete

Every line comes with a grey circle in the margin to guide through the above steps and the front flap includes these instructions so you don’t forget. The notebooks come in a variety of styles and only cost $US10 for a three pack.

Word Notebooks ($US10 for three)


      • and because you’ve already seen it and been explained how to do it their way. I don’t see them having any advantage over other ordinary notebooks.

    • I’d use these. They’re prettier than what I could make myself and if you want to be like that about it, I could sew my own clothes and grow my own food as well but sometimes it’s nice to let someone else do it for you.

    • because they are from the US lifehacker site, and they get free postage.

      and adding it would be one extra step and involve more work.

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