Will iOS 7 Distract Developers From Android?

Will iOS 7 Distract Developers From Android?

The impending launch of iOS 7 means reworking apps for many developers. Instapaper creator Marco Arment argues that could prove a burden for developers who build apps on multiple platforms.

In a blog post, Arment argues that the changing behaviour of iOS 7 will prove problematic for developers who don’t produce highly specific versions for each platform: “Fewer assumptions can be made about the UI widgets and behaviours common to all major platforms. And any UI targeting the least common denominator will now look even more cheap and dated on iOS 7, since the new standard on the OS is so far from the old one.” The end result, he suggests, is that less attention will be paid to Android and other platforms.

Arment points out this is less of an issue for games:

Games usually build entirely custom UIs shared between platforms, they’re more financially viable than non-game apps on Android, and cross-platform game frameworks are so good that it’s relatively easy to maintain iOS and Android versions simultaneously.

Do you think development efforts will be swayed by the need to rebuild for iOS 7? Share your thoughts in the comments.

iOS 7 As Defense [Marco.org via Business Insider]


  • So now that iOS is more modern looking (A.K.A looks more like Android), I can only see it being easier to develop for both platforms.

  • Cross platform frameworks are a blight and abomination and should be destroyed. I have never seen an app that uses one of these on Android that does not look cheap and out of place so I guess those that are using them will have to wait for the framework to update and deal with having a crappy looking UI on iOS until then. PS. cheap ports to Android are terrible, just stop.

    For those that are maintaining separate code for iOS and Android, this should be no problem because you will have a significant difference in UX between the platforms anyway so changes to the way you display in iOS should not change Android much outside of changes in icons/branding

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