Why Warehouse Working Can Be Better Than CBD Conformity

I suspect many IT pros would prefer to work in an open warehouse to a sterile corporate office. The IT dev team at Capgemini who work three days a week in a beanbag-festooned co-working space certainly see the benefits.

Business Insider has an interesting piece on the experiment, which aims to help transplant a fast-moving startup culture into Capgemini's 1000-person Australian workplace. One obvious advantage is exposure to ideas that wouldn't necessarily become visible in a large company. "When you have so much knowledge internally, the risk is to become too insular and the perspective is narrowed as a result," consultant Ben Gilchriest explained.

Hit the post for a full list of the workplace benefits the arrangement offers.

Staff From This Global IT Consultancy Are Working In A Grungy Warehouse Instead Of The CBD [Business Insider]


    Working on a laptop all day every day would be one of the worst things I could imagine.

      Agreed. Unless I had a monitor, keyboard and mouse.

      It would also have a horrible effect on productivity, with nearly the capacity to interface with the machine and such little monitor landscape.

      provided it's a gaming laptop, and I have a mouse, It'd be alll ok :D

    In my opinion, the environment plays an important role, be it of a workplace or a school. We perform better in a place where stress levels are low and social interaction is encouraged. An office in a CBD does not necessarily mean higher productivity and a basic warehouse does not necessarily mean disorganized work processes. It all boils down to the mentality of the worker.

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