Which Customers Can Take Advantage Of Vodafone HD Voice?

Vodafone is adding HD Voice to its network, a call quality enhancement which can potentially improve the sound of your voice (surprise!) on calls. However, whether you can take advantage of it depends on the handsets used by both you and your contacts.

Vodafone isn't the first local carrier to offer HD voice; Telstra has had it in place since late 2011. As with Telstra's offering, whether you'll actually hear HD voice quality depends on two things:

  • Whether your caller is also on the Vodafone network (the technology doesn't work across networks);
  • Whether you and your caller both have an HD Voice capable handset. For Vodafone, that's a short list of six phones: the Apple iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy S II, III or 4, and the Sony Experia Z and SP. If you meet these conditions, HD voice will happpen automatically, with no special setup required.

The service doesn't rely on a particular quality of connection; it works across 2G and 3G connections. (Vodafone's recently-launched 4G offering, like all 4G services in Australia, is voice only, with that network spectrum not used for data.) There's also no extra charge for the service. That makes it a useful potential bonus for existing customers, but not, I suspect, enough to change many Vodasceptic minds.


    "like all 4G services in Australia, is voice only, with that network spectrum not used for data"
    Is that supposed to be
    "like all 4G services in Australia, is DATA only, with that network spectrum not used for VOICE

    or have I read that wrong?

      Yeah, it's not a great sentence.

      As you said, 4G, on Vodafone, is only for data.

    This says there's 18 phones on the list


    As long as the handset supports it, it will work. It doesn't matter if it is or isn't on the above list, there are many handsets that support it but aren't on the above list.

    I can confirm that it also works for the HTC One X and Nokia Lumia 520 (presumably other Nokias as well).

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