What's The Worst Mistake You've Made In A Job Interview?

When you interview for a job, you have a limited amount of time to come across as an amazing worker with a charming, stellar personality. On top of that, you have to look like you'll find into the company's culture. With all that pressure, mistakes often happen.

What's the worst error you've made in a job interview, and what did you learn from it?

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    Don't tell the whole truth.

    I missed out on a job once, even though I thought the interview had gone very well and I'd shown that I'd be great in the job. Being a small industry, I later heard that the manager had talked me down to _his_ boss because he thought I'd be after his job in no time!

    Kinda glad I didn't get it; who wants to work under someone that short sighted and insecure?

    I was asked a 'hypothetical' question in an interview a few years back. One of those 'if this happened, then that went wrong and blah blah wasn't available etc etc what would you do?

    I've always hated those type of questions in an interview setting so I basically just said that I couldn't give an answer as in that particular situation I wouldn't be making snap decisions. I know it sounds arrogant, but it was a really dumb hypothetical. Thought I'd blown it big time, then I got a call a couple of days later to say I had the job.

    So, technically a mistake, but it turned out ok at the end.

      I dunno man, sounds like you aced the question.

    What’s The Worst Mistake You’ve Made In A Job Interview?Accepting the position!

    Straight out of school I went for a job and was given the advice to ask about work conditions. So I asked how much annual leave and sick leave I would be entitled to.

    Another time with a panel of three women I was asked how I would deal with someone with personal problems. I said I'd be empathic but if it impacted on the team I'd get rid of them, I saw all the women's faces screw up.


    I'd been looking for work for a couple of months and finally got an interview with a company that was in my top five. The company and position aren't important. I'd been to a friends birthday party the night before and imbibed a little more than I'd promised myself I would. I was late.

    There were two women and a man (Steve) on the interview panel. It went well and afterwards Steve showed me out. As I was shaking his hand in reception a courier came in and asked if someone could help him with a large box that he had. I thought it would be a good idea to show some initiative and stepped out to help him. While we were standing by his van he reached down and started pulling my leg, like I'm pulling yours.

    I was once asked by an interviewer "What would I most like to change about yourself?". Even though it's a fairly standard question, I was new to interviews and hadn't prepared for it.

    I did't want to tell her any of the answers that came to mind, as each would have revealed deal-breaking stuff about me, so I ended up answering that I couldn't think of anything.

    I guess that gave the her the impression that I was arrogant (and perhaps she was right), because I never heard back from the company.

      I don't think that's a very good question to ask in an interview if you're expecting the person to be truthful (which I suppose is aimed for). It's far too personal to be appropriate.

    I had a practical test in an interview for an IT job it was basically the pc was incorrectly cabled and i had to fix it. after doing the first task fine i thought the 2nd was ok however it wasn't. From that day forward i always said to myself to buy a usb keyboard and mouse. I think most of you can work out what i did wrong.

    Had to write a 250 word story for an interview with an online business website. Had 20 minutes and a press release to work off. Everything else I finished well... except the headline. Time management and attention to detail definitely taken away from that experience.

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