What Won't Work In Outlook 2013 RT

One of the key features of Windows 8.1 is the inclusion of a version of Outlook 2013 for Windows RT users. While that's a welcome improvement on the half-baked native Mail application, it does have a number of restrictions for enterprise users.

A major limitation is that there's no support for configuring via group policy. There's also no integration with Lync or Sharepoint, and most features that are included in the professional version of Office 2013 (including archiving and information rights management) are disabled.

Given that competing tablet devices also lack manageability features, this isn't a deal breaker, but it's something to consider in a broader RT rollout. Hit the link for a more detailed account of what's missing.

Outlook 2013 RT is here, and this is what you need to know [Office IT Pro Blog]


    I have Win8 on my PC and cannot for the life of me get my gmail account into the native mail app. I have given up and just use the browser but this is something that would put me off getting a tablet with Win8 on it. It needs to function with all of googles services (mail, calendar etc) without any issues at all. How Hard Can It Be?

      Wasn't that fixed in a recent patch?

      However u can blame google when they dropped ActievSyc for CALDave or what ever it was for breaking existing services

        Dont believe it is fixed, and you can blame Google but Microsoft should have a fix for the issue. One workaround I read was to simply port your Google mail and calendar over to a Windows Live account :O

          Yeah just checked, should support email but calendar etc arnt.

          Well its easy to blame Google when they drop the widely accepted ActiveSync for Open Source CALDav and CardDav or what ever it was.

          Its just Google skimping on licences for ActiveSync.

          I would expect it to come soon, I believe it only just recently got patched for WP so odds are Win8 fix is on the way or coming with 8.1


    Google turned off EAS support unless you pay for a Google Apps account. Microsoft wrote some workarounds that you can try though: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-AU/windows-8/use-google-windows-8-rt

      ... Who cares. Just connect using IMAP :|

        Have you actually done this or are you just saying it? I tried IMAP and no go there.

          I don't have an RT, but it supports imap, and gmail/etc supports imap.. So there is no reason it would be an issue.

          You just can't use EAS anymore - which is probably due to being replaced by OWS (outlook web services)

          Last edited 01/07/13 1:31 pm

            I agree there is no reason why it should not just work. I have it working on my phone and on two tablets. Was considering a switch to the world of tiles but this is not going to happen with my simple problem that should never be a problem.

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