What Shouldn’t You Mention On Your Resume?

What Shouldn’t You Mention On Your Resume?

Crafting a good resume is often as much about what you omit as what you include. If you have management aspirations, Business Insider has compiled a list of leisure activities you shouldn’t mention on your resume. One surprising inclusion? Bushwalking.

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Bushwalking is out, according to executive recruiter Russell Johnson of EPR, because it suggests an overly solitary nature. “It’s not a bad thing to spend time in solitude, but you’ve got to be careful of what you emphasise on your resume.”

Other activities which get a partial thumbs down include reading fantasy books, while yoga and triathlons are deemed acceptable.

One key takeaway: If in doubt, dump the interests altogether — after all, you’re trying to keep your resume compact, aren’t you?

Hit the post for the full list.

If You Want To Be An Australian CEO, Keep Bushwalking Off Your Resume But Yoga Is OK [Business Insider]


  • So they are culling off people who read, that explains why more and more workers seem functionally illiterate

    • Sadly this is true. When reviewing resumes, interests can play a huge part on the preconception of someone. If the teams all high flying golfer execs chasing each others trophy wives, they are hardly going to hire a book worm who reads fantasy & goes bush walking for kicks, re: cultural fit.

      • …of course putting high flying golfer exec who will chase your trophy wife as an interest would be highly illadvisable. lol

      • Although to be up to date, you should replace golfing with “$5000+ carbon fibre road biking”

        • lol. Although riding would be optional. Sitting out the front of a cafe sipping your latte in spandex is a must.

  • I like reading fantasy novels, and bushwalking. But I’m also quite a social person – another big and time consuming hobby is board games 😀

    So I guess I’m not really managment material! 🙂

  • These articles are getting ridiculous… Seriously guys these articles are starting look more and more like :

    The cosmo magazine for ‘professionals’

  • Another thing people get funny about is putting playing video games as an interest.

    Unfortunately as a job seeker i have had to do a lot of workshops on resumes, cover letters etc… and everyone has said different things about putting video games down as an interest, some say it’s a big no no, some say its alright, i have never had the same answer twice.

  • Much better to just say you watch Game of Thrones and enjoy bandwagons. Nothing good could come out of reading Fantasy novels or playing viedo games. No wonder the rat race is so much ‘joy’.

  • After applying for jobs in Melbourne my advice would be to list your interest as AFL. 4 different interviews I was asked what team I support. My honest reply of “What is AFL?” caused the first interview to go down hill quickly.

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