What Our IT Pro Bloggers Learned At TechEd 2013

A crucial part of our World Of Servers coverage of TechEd North America 2013 was the contributions from our contest-winning IT pro bloggers Tommy Carron, Adam Webster and David Klemke. What did they learn during the week? What does the future hold for Windows Server 2012? Will New Orleans ever be safe again? Read on and find out!

Visit Lifehacker's World of Servers Newsroom for all the news from TechEd North America 2013. And don't forget: TechEd is coming to Australia in September. Click here for more information.


    I know you have been covering TechEd and all that but the IT Pro section here has read like a Microsoft ad lately....

      what other IT professional event has been on?

        E3 ???

          thats not an IT professional event - its an entertainment event for consumers to see whats upcoming. besides, they have E3 coverage - where do you see that they dont?

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