What Moment In Your Life Convinced You To Change When You Needed To?

What Moment In Your Life Convinced You To Change When You Needed To?

When big change happens in our lives, it usually follows a moment where we truly felt how much we needed it. Tell us about how that happened to you and how it helped you finally achieve a long-desired, difficult goal.

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Some people finally get off their butts and better themselves because they hit rock bottom. Others find motivation in helping another. Sometimes even greed, vanity and other outwardly negative things can stimulate our willpower. Many moments can get us started, but few have the power to keep us going when we’re down, out and confronted with difficult tasks. What moment in your life helped you overcome a difficult hurdle and achieve what you didn’t think you could?


  • I’ve lived a life of hiding behind a wall of anxieties.

    I believe that if I hadn’t changed I would now be very lonely and working a underpaid unfulfilling job. It was always easier to decline interviews or interactions because of the voice in my head telling me I’m useless making me doubt even that way I talk and laugh.

    I found my way through many times in my life, not winning but still surging onward determined to beat the bastard. But Job interviews continued to haunt me. A new job had new people, new cultures, new timetables, new expectations and new STUFF. It was petrifying.

    But a wife silently losing her faith in me as a provider and a little baby boy caused something to changed inside my head. So when a good paying job called I didn’t let the call ring out, I answered, I said yes to an interview and I got the job.

    By just being me.

    That voice is still there, he doesnt affect me online but the normal parties and social interactions are still bothersome. But I still have my wife (9 years now) and we have two beautiful children.

    I’m determined to not let them see this doubting voice that is within me. I want them to live the confident life that I should have had.

  • A big change for me came when I was faced with a daunting project (at work) that nobody around me thought was achievable without many big problems and much pain. One of my colleagues who I respected highly, and who was the person most likely to know if the project was achievable, said to me “With all due respect, I don’t think you will be able to do it…”. To me, this was a challenge, and one that I couldn’t refuse if I was to survive professionally. 18 months later, not only was the project a huge success – on time and on budget, but also became the most profitable project the company had ever undertaken. I surprised myself, as well as many others.

  • Getting diagnosed with cancer.

    Once I was through the treatment I thought to myself, “screw this, you’re still in your mid-20s, so no excuse to not make yourself the fittest, healthiest person you can now” and care less about the little things that were holding me back; caring too much about work, office politics, getting caught up in the many self-created stresses we all have in our daily lives. Just getting back to basics and enjoying myself whilst living a healthy lifestyle.

    I’m now probably fitter than I’ve ever been, frankly, and I’m more satisfied with how I’m living my life now than at any other time.

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