Warmly Wakes You Up Gently, Encourages Better Sleep Hygiene

Android: Warmly is an alarm clock app for Android that wakes you up gently and smoothly in the morning. It starts quiet, before you need to get up, and slowly raises the volume of your selected wake-up sound. When you're ready to get up, Warmly shows you the weather and gives you a good start to your day.

The video above is a bit of a teaser, but this one is a full walkthrough of the app's features, albeit a lengthy one. You can select the wake-up sound you want, whether it's the sound of frying eggs and breakfast being made, brewing coffee, a bustling airport, or a simple morning meditation.

Five minutes before you're supposed to be up, the alarm will start playing your sound from a really low volume, and slowly ramp it up until you hear it, turn off the alarm, and get up. It will even source the local weather and temperature for you.

It's worth noting that the app doesn't have multi-day alarms, either: the goal is to promote good sleep hygeine by waking up at the same time every day — a tip we've mentioned before. You can snooze the alarm, if you must. Plus, the alarm features an auto-off after 15 minutes, so if you forget it and aren't around to turn it off, your neighbours or roommates won't hate you when you get back. Warmly is $2 at Google Play Warmly ($2) [Google Play]


    I've ready a couple of sites that say that waking up to slowly increasing light is the most effective, and anecdotally that seems right. I suppose screen brightness is an issue, but an alarm which slowly increases the amount light in the room would be awesome.

      Or have the curtains open and let God do it for you

        yes because waking up at 5am when there is no light outside will work wonderfully thanks to "God"

          Dude why are you up so early? But good point

      A fair bit of scientific evidence to support this, especially waking to blue light.

      You can now buy programmable lights (Philips through Apple) and more coming - still very pricey though. You can control intensity, colours and times wirelessly through an app.

    I got up every morning at 6-45am for all of my school years when an incredibly loud alarm-clock 3 inches from my ear blasted out and it didn't do me any harm. SHUTUP!

    Doesn't the standard Android "smart alarm" already do this for free?

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