Use The Three-Bowl Method When Separating Egg Whites

Use The Three-Bowl Method When Separating Egg Whites

If you don’t have a dedicated gadget, separating eggs always runs the risk of a cracked yolk seeping into your egg whites. But if you use three bowls throughout the process, you’ll never need to worry.

Emma Christensen at The Kitchn, like many of us, used to use two bowls, cracking the egg into one, and scooping the yolk into another. A better solution is to pour the whites from each egg into a third bowl, and keep cracking eggs into the newly emptied one. That way, if a yolk cracks, it will only ruin one egg, instead of all the eggs you cracked before it. It does create a little more clean up, but that’s a small price to pay for perfect egg whites.

This is the kind of tip that’s obvious in hindsight, but worth keeping in the back of your mind whenever you need to separate eggs for a recipe.

Why You Should Use 3 Bowls When Separating Eggs [The Kitchn]


  • Use an empty water bottle or coke bottle.

    Crack the egg into a bowl, and use the bottle to suck the yolk out. Dump yolk into another bowl and the whites into another.

    Easiest way, ever!

  • I just use my hand… Let the white slip through your fingers and put the yolk in another bowl… It’s really not that hard! (oh and always have a sink of water ready to wash off excess after you are done – I always cook with washing up water at the ready – I’m kinda needy like that!)

  • Too complicated, too much washing D:
    1. Crack with one hand, pour into the other (alt. crack with both hands, keep yolk in one shell while splitting egg and dump into second hand
    2. White drains through fingers into first bowl
    3. Hand dumps yolk into second bowl
    Tiny yolk break? Scoop it out with one of your egg halves, egg halves are like magical yolk magnets. Tip, just dip it in and let the yolk come to you instead of chasing it.
    This was how I was trained in the kitchen when I did a stint as a teen. Got through a stack of 5×5 boxes in no time.

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