Three Tips For A Better Gmail On Android

So you’ve figured out how to get the Delete button back in the overhauled Gmail app for Android, but there are a few extra tips you should be aware of if you want to get the most out of Google’s redesigned webmail client.

Fatima Wahab over at Addictive Tips has spent some time with the new Gmail and along with the Delete button tweak, has come up with three additional tips to get the most from the updated app, including disabling the sender image and viewing notifications for for all categories.

The handiest suggestion involves how messages are selected and opened, once sender images are switched off. As Wahab explains:

If you’ve hidden the sender image … you will be able to select messages in bulk more comfortably. Tap and hold a single message until it appears as selected and then continue to tap messages to select them. With the sender image hidden, you can tap-and-hold anywhere on the entire message to select it, and as long as one message is selected, the rest can be selected easily with a tap.

Be sure to hit up the Addictive Tips link below to read the tips in full.

4 Tips To Make The New Gmail v4.5 Android App Easier To Use [Addictive Tips]