The Black-And-Blue Windows Desktop

The Black-And-Blue Windows Desktop

Some desktops are clean and minimal, but Daniel Orbegoso’s desktop is packed with information and widgets. It’s still organised in a way that is eye-catching. Despite its looks, it actually didn’t take too much work (or software) to set up.

If you like the look of this desktop and want it for your Windows machine, here’s what you’ll need:

  • The wallpaper from DeviantArt
  • The Rainmeter system tweaking and monitoring tool for Windows
  • The CSuite theme for Rainmeter to create the bar across the top of the screen, the recycle bin, and user profile shortcut
  • The Basic Skins Suite Horizontal package for Rainmeter to create the weather display, the analogue clock, and the volume controls
  • The Windows 2019 skin for Rainmeter only for the RSS feeds and the system monitors
  • The CaurClock theme for the digital clock in the centre of the display (you could probably pick one system clock instead of having two, but it’s up to you)
  • The Rendezvous theme for the music player

Daniel has a lot of widgets on-screen, but they all seem to work together. Some of them are definitely duplicated — you probably don’t need two clocks, for example, but the components are easy enough to switch up and configure just the way you want them.

If you run into issues with any of the skins or duplicating this desktop on your system, head over to Daniel’s Flickr page to ask your questions — let him know you like his work while you’re there!

Black n Blue Desktop [Flickr]