Ten Google Poetics Poems About IT Pros

Google Poetics is an awesome web site and Twitter account which collects poems based on the 'instant' suggestions Google offers for searches. Many of the poems are touching/hilarious/impressively surreal, and a surprising number have relevance to IT workers.

A poem only qualifies if it contains the exact suggestions Google offers, in order. As the Poetics team notes, instant suggestions vary depending on country and your search history, so you won't always be able to reproduce these. Just enjoy them.

For Network Admins

For Developers

For Helpdesk Workers

For Mondays

For Fridays


    These poems are easy to memorize
    These poems are easy to write
    These poems are epic
    These poems are examples of personification

    I'm really bored
    I'm really hungry
    I'm really lonely
    I'm really a mermaid

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