Taste-Test: V “Graphite” Energy Drink

Taste-Test: V “Graphite” Energy Drink

If you’re a fan of V energy drink, you’ll know that new flavours are usually an acquired taste — the recently released “Not Orange” was reminiscent of liquified jelly beans, while the Halo-promoting “Purple Plasma” could only be described as hideous. V “Graphite”, which features a grimacing Wolverine on the label, is the latest addition to the Frucor Beverages stable. If you’re curious about how this limited-edition flavour tastes, read on for a definitive review…

It tastes exactly like Mother.

Score: 7/10

What’s your energy drink of choice? Share your suggestions in the comments section below — the more caffeine they contain the better!


  • Great review! Those things are just plain nasty. But how many people drink them for their deliciousness?

    • Every person has their own sense of taste. If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be the variety of products. One would succeed, the rest would fail.

      Each to their own. If nobody was buying at all they’d pull the promotion pretty damned quickly.

    • I honestly enjoy normal V for the taste. I wish it didn’t have all the caffeine and such so I could drink it more often.

        • I like green V as well but I can’t notice much of a difference between the silver sugar-free V and the original, can you guys actually taste the difference? I usually opt for the silver V now to try cut sugars down.

          • I echo this – I drink Silver V as it is sugar free (and doesn’t make my teeth feel cluggy like the Green V) but drink it for the taste and carbonation – I’d be happy with a caffeine/guarana free V

  • I am currently smashing a V Not Orange and that has pretty much been my beverage of choice lately. I have been switching between the Not Orange and the Mother Green Storm (its not great, but its different).

    • “The can I got didn’t have nearly as many cool condensation droplets as the one in the photo. Worst adverting ever, 2/10”.

  • Why Graphite? They paid for the licensing to put Wolverine on the can, why not just call it Adamantium and have it make more sense?

    • I think the Wolverine tie-in was an afterthought — the flavour already existed in New Zealand, sans Logan.

    • Pretty sure “5 Gum” snared the adamantium product tie-in.

      On a side note, its pretty funny that the new “natural” ‘Green Mother’ tastes like original ‘V’ and that this new ‘Graphite V’ tastes just like Mother.

      Personally I prefer the taste of 28White as a sugar free energy drink, but as its hard to come by 28Black is the next best thing.

  • Halo-promoting “Purple Plasma” could only be described as hideous.

    Damn it Chris, I thought that one tasted great. Reminded me of the pasito soft drink Kirks make!

  • Interesting tidbit on a new flavour. Incase you didn’t know V is the most popular energy drink in australia with some 51% market dominance or somesuch.

    As for me, I’m drinking a coke atm which is old fashioned ‘energy drink’ without the new focus on extreme marketing. Though I think it’s ALL bad tbh, so unhealthy -_-

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