Taste-Test: Are Hungry Jack's Thick-Cut Fries The Best Chips Ever?

For a limited time, Hungry Jack's is selling thick-cut hot chips like the kind you typically get with a steak down the pub. And guess what? They taste pretty damn glorious.

The biggest casualty of the health food craze has undoubtedly been the humble french fry. Over the past few years, the industry-wide move to canola and sunflower oils has left us with chips that are slightly healthier — but also bland and soggy. From KFC to McDonald's, franchise fries just ain't what they used to be.

This is where Hungry Jack's Thick-Cut Fries come in. While they aren't cooked in beef tallow (boo-hiss), the new chips are significantly thicker and crispier than the standard fare and they go down a treat. We tried a box on the way home last night and were pleasantly surprised by how good they tasted.

They also hold up pretty well in terms of Takeaway Truth likeness — compare the publicity image to the shot below.

The catch is that they contain more calories than Hungry Jack's normal french fries. A side of thick-cut chips contains 1993 kilojoules (around 475 calories) while the regular fries come in at 1566kj for a medium serving.

Mind you, neither option is what we'd class as healthy, so if you're going to indulge in some hot chips you might as well go the whole hog and get the thick ones. We promise you wont regret it.

A standalone order of thick-cut fries will set you back $3.45, which is a bit on the steep side really. We'd argue that the taste difference is worth it, however.


    Personally I think KFC's chips taste better since they moved to a canola blend and moved away from the use of palm oil.

      Unfortunately in WA, KFC Chicken Treat and Red Rooster have all started using WA potatoes for their chips, which is more like eating wood than potato.

      Perthlings: if you're wondering why your KFC chips seem undercooked - it's not that they're undercooked, it's that they use crappy WA potatoes. Go to woolies, buy some birdseye frozen chips, and fry up your own eastern-states sourced chips. You're welcome :)

      Last edited 13/06/13 3:31 pm

        Ha, some of the KFC's here where I am like to serve stale chips, so off putting.

        I knew it! I thought in the last year or so it had all gone to crap. You cant buy a good chip from these places anymore.

        I have pretty much stopped eating KFC because of it.

        Ahhh.. Thanks Tony. That would explain the recent problem I have with Red Roster chips. They're terrible. The local KFC must have a decent stash of frozen old stock as theirs havent changed yet.

    Tried them a few weeks ago and was blown away, head and shoulders above all the other fast food chip options.

    As someone that works for HJs, I can say that they're popular with the crew too. Try getting them with the Angry sauce. Damned good.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say they are glorious or the best ever, but they ain't bad either.

    No way - you wouldn't expect it, but Jesters actually have the best chips ever

    Can you imagine these with KFC's salt?

    Grill'd. No competition.

      Grill'd are worse than Mc/KFC/HJ/RR fries when they neglect to put any salt on (unfortunately i when i go through a drive through i always find out there is no salt on them when its too late to do anything about it.) Its a crime to not have seasoning on your fast food fries.

        Ah grilld have herb and lemon on their chips.

          exactly, herbs and lemon have no place on chips (love salt and vinegar on them though)

    They are pretty good, yet when I ordered them I got 2/3rds of the old fries...

    dont know what fat chips you were eating but ive tried the new fat chips 3 times from 3 different stores and they have been crap every time, if i wanted fat crappy chips i would go to a fish and chip shop, bring back the fries

    Couldn't agree more. I won't be buying those again.

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