Solder Safely With This USB-Powered Fume Extractor

Soldering creates some nasty fumes that smell bad at best, and cause chronic asthma over time. If you do it often, you can keep yourself safe though with this portable, USB-powered fume extractor.

X2jiggy shares the elegant design on his personal site. The box incorporates a PC fan, carbon filter pad, and a small USB power supply dialled up to 12V with a cheap converter. The fan sucks in the fumes from your soldering station, and ejects them through the carbon pad, trapping toxins on the inside. The project requires a degree of electronics experience and a little bit of woodworking, but the finished product will be a great companion for your future projects. Check out the source link for a complete walkthrough.

USB Fume Extractor [X2jiggy via Hack A Day]


    Cute idea.

    However, a really cheap idea is to just get an exhaust for PC heatsinks (It's got a small pipe with a fan at the end. The pipe is meant to flex over to where the cpu heatsink is). 1 x 12V PSU and this unit will get you a flexible option (Carbon pads for filtering can be bought from aquarium supply stores).

    I prefer my setup as the tube is flexible and allows you to get the extraction pipe to where you are working. (Just be careful! Too big a 'suck' will drop temperature of your solder joint too quickly and could result in a dry joint)

    Still doesnt solve the problem that every time I solder I invariably burn myself.

      You too? You'd think after a few decades I might have worked out not to pick it up by the hot end wouldn't you? :)

    or just spend $10 on a desk fan at bunnings?

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