SnapPea Web Manages Your Android Phone From Your Browser

SnapPea Web Manages Your Android Phone From Your Browser

Web/Android: SnapPea already offers a Windows app that makes managing your phone from your computer easy. Now, SnapPea web has been unveiled, which lets you send SMS messages, manage your photos and more, all from the comfort of your browser, no extra software required.

SnapPea is already a great way to manage your phone from your Windows desktop, but if you have a Mac, a Chromebook or a Linux system, you were previously out of luck. With SnapPea Web, now you can manage your phone from any computer with a web browser. As long as you have SnapPea installed on your Android phone, you’re all set. Just grab the passcode from the app, hit the link below, and you’re in business.

The app gives you some of the features the SnapPea desktop app does: you can send and receive SMS messages through your browser so you don’t have to pick up your phone to read or reply to text messages, manage your photos and contacts, install or uninstall apps you have on your phone and more. Your phone and your browser pair via Wi-Fi though, so you have to have them both on the same wireless LAN for SnapPea to work.

SnapPea isn’t the only service that does this, of course. AirDroid, another utility we love, offers many of the same features and recently did away with the requirement to have your phone and your PC on the same network in order to manage it. Still, if you’ve tried AirDroid and want an alternative, SnapPea may fit the bill.

SnapPea Web


  • Mighty Text is even better: it pairs via your Google account so you don’t have to be on Wi-Fi. Also it has an Android tablet app which will automatically pop up sms notifications on your tablet and allow you to reply to them there. It also alerts you to calls, shows battery status, shows contacts, and syncs photos and movies.
    The only negative is for Windows, it has to bee run in Chrome or Firefox because it’s a plug in.

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