Profile Flow Automates Your Android Phone For Home, Work Or Play

Android: Profile Flow, like many other automation apps for Android, lets you control virtually every aspect of your phone based on a certain set of conditions, including your location, the time of day and which network you're connected to. It's free, it's polished, and it's easy to use.

Profile Flow can control your phone based on time of day, day of the week, time range, date range, location (GPS or Cell ID) and more. You can toggle virtually every aspect of your device, including all of your wireless radios (bluetooth, Wi-Fi, data, etc), GPS, auto-sync, aeroplane mode, audio, volume and display brightness. You can even have Profile Flow automatically place calls or send SMS messages for you based on certain conditions. The app also has a "lite profile" setting, so you can set custom actions to take effect without wrecking ones you already have set up, making the app adaptable to changes in your regular routine. There's even a getting started tutorial that will walk you through the app's features and options.

If you want to, for example, set your phone to call or SMS home when you leave the office so you can let your spouse know you're on the way, Profile Flow can do it in a couple of taps. If you want your phone to auto-connect only to specific Wi-Fi networks, or turn notifications and audio off as soon as you get to a specific GPS location, it's easy to set up. None of this is especially strange if you're familiar with automation apps, but Profile Flow is one of the simplest and most straightforward tools I've seen. It's not perfect though — the app can't launch applications yet, (the dev says this is coming soon).

Of course, if you're looking for automation apps, you have plenty to choose from. Tasker, Llama, Atooma and Automagic (to name a few) are all great automation tools that we've mentioned before. Where Profile Flow stands out is that it's among the new breed of automation tools for Android that make it super-simple to create your profiles and actions.

Hit the link below to check out XDA developer amithgc's thread on the app, which is packed with screenshots. If you want to try the app, it's free at Google Play and supports Android phones running 2.2 or higher.

Profile Flow (free) [Google Play via XDA Developers]


    Do you know of something like this for your computer? I am currently running Windows 8 on my laptop and use it for university, home and teaching and I want to be able to have a different desktop depending on what I am doing. Maybe something that changes the profile depending on what wireless connection it is connected to?

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