PlexConnect Unlocks 3rd Generation Apple TV

There's a lot of nifty things you can do with a second generation Apple TV, but if you've got the third generation model, you're stuck behind a seemingly impenetrable anti-jailbreak wall. Or at least you were.

PlexConnect uses the established and much-liked Plex client running on a PC or Mac and a bit of clever coding that disguises itself as the Trailers app that runs on a third generation (or un-jailbroken 2nd generation) Apple TV. You point the Apple TV at the software, and you're up and running transcoded video directly via your Apple TV.

It does involve a little bit of terminal work, and I'll say upfront it's experimental and I haven't been able to personally test it, but it's still got a lot of potential for those who like their content at full 1080p resolution. Something tells me that an arms race just opened up between the developers and Apple, too.

Introducing PlexConnect, an AppleTV client which Thinks Different


    This interests me - I have been holding off on buying an ATV3 while various groups try to jailbreak it - could it be this is the (prototype) of what I need?

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