Pick A Bundle Offers 10 Mac Apps Of Your Choice For $50

Mac: Software bundles provide a great way to get discounts on a bunch of apps you want (usually alongside a few you don't know about), but rarely do you get to pick the apps that come in your bundle. Pick A bundle allows you to choose 10 out of 30 options and pay only $US50 for all of them.

The bundle includes a few apps we really like. For example, TotalFinder adds tabs and other features to the standard Finder (if you want that before OS X Mavericks arrives). Typinator is a solid text expansion app. MailTags adds tags to Apple Mail, and MailActOn creates complex rules to make your emails more actionable. TotalSpaces brings back the Spaces grid and fixes a number of annoying problems introduced in OS X 10.7 Lion. You'll also find a few other that can help boost productivity and organisation, including MacBreakz, TidyUp, DEVONsphere, DEVONnote, MacHider, Keycard, PopChar and A Better Finder Attributes. The bundle offers a lot of options so check it out and see if you can build a bundle that's worth your cash.

Pick a Bundle ($US50)


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