Photoful Makes Photo Organisation On iOS Simple With Gestures And Tags

iOS: One of the new features in the upcoming iOS 7 is a new photo organisation tool that should help improve the clunky experience on iOS 6. If you want a similar experience to what's coming in iOS 7 right now, Photoful is a new app worth checking out.

Photoful uses gestures, tags and date stamps to organise your photo library as easily as possible. By default, Photoful separates albums by day, but you can easily create a gallery by simply sliding your finger across photos. Want to delete a photo? Just swipe to the left. It's intuitive, and the nice thing is that it all integrates directly with the default Photos app, so you don't need to worry about importing photos or doubling up. It's also free, so it's worth a look if you'd like a more intuitive way to manage photos on iOS.

Photoful (free) [iTunes App Store]


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