Patch Tuesday Reminds Us Why Server Core Is Awesome

Patch Tuesday: the day the Windows product patches come home to roost. This time around, this mixture is slightly unusual, with patches for Office (both Windows and Mac) jostling with the usual Internet Explorer updates.

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Sophos' Patch Tuesday blog, which offers pithy analyses of Patch Tuesday which we always enjoy and recommend, notes that while this update it relatively light, the breadth of the IE vulnerability won't be fully apparent until the full patch is released Tuesday US time (which is our Wednesday). It also reinforces a point for admins we made last week: using the Server Core versions of Windows Server 2012 eliminates much of the need for patching, since IE isn't present.

Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification for June 2013 [via Naked Security]


    And why Linux & Solaris are even more awesome - no Windows at all. I know MS is a major sponsor of LH, but they get more than their fair share of coverage....

    Yeah they'd WANT to be doing some serious updating to internet explorer.. It's currently the 'best' browser that is fully integrated with the new experience.. But on my Surface Pro, it's caused probably about 80% of my system software issues.. That is when it's not busy giving electric shocks (no further comment on that, i'm sure you can dig up a story there if you apply yourself.... Aka, google it ^_^..)

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    I know It's a weird idea, but some operating systems let you have a GUI without forcing a browser on you at the same time. Hell, up until the early 2000's even windows did.

    I wish Microsoft. would make available monthly .exe files of all the patches. and call them march2013, june2013 etc. so I can keep them on a flash drive. friggin over d/l gigs of stuff when friends/family ask me for help.
    I used to slipstream Xp. but with 7 and 8 its much harder.

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