Office 365 Sign-In Now Less Confusing

A seemingly minor but sensible update to the online sign-in page for Office 365: there are no longer separate sign-in options for 'Keep me signed in' and 'Remember me'. How many users would have been able to tell the difference?

As the Active Directory Team blog explains, the new 'Keep me signed in' option will keep users logged in, and will retain their username (but not password) if they sign out. The service can also handle multiple users on the same computer; in that case, users need to sign in with the appropriate password when they change accounts.

Simplified sign in with multiple accounts and shared PCs [Active Directory Team Blog]


    Any user who has an account on nearly any website with a similar feature, that's how many.

    So no longer any option to save the password? That means 'Keep me signed in' does not in fact mean what it says.

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