Mr. Reader Is A Power User’s RSS App, Now With Feedly Support

Mr. Reader Is A Power User’s RSS App, Now With Feedly Support

iPad: The looming shutdown of Google Reader is a great opportunity to look at new RSS apps to go along with your new syncing service of choice. If you like to keep up with news on your iPad, nothing matches the powerful options available in Mr. Reader.

The marquee feature in Mr. Reader is its robust support for inter-app communications. Much like our dearly-beloved Drafts, the app can send links, images, and full article text to a wide array of other apps on your device (including Drafts, for what it’s worth). What’s more, the developer included a “More Actions” button on iOS’s standard text selection popover, allowing you to send specific words or sentences to other apps. For example, you could save only one specific paragraph from an article to Evernote, instead of full text as most apps force you to do. If your favourite services aren’t included by default in the app, you can probably add them yourself with custom URL schemes. If you send lots of articles to specific friends, you can even program in email actions to automatically fill out the recipient line when you email an article. Simply put, this is one of the most powerful and flexible iOS apps available, in any category.

This power doesn’t come at the expense of the reading experience either. Tabs along the top of each article let you switch quickly between RSS, web, and mobilizer views, and swiping your thumb in from the side of the screen brings up buttons directly below your finger to switch to different articles, allowing you to use the app with only one hand. If that weren’t enough, the app includes a variety of different themes to skin the app to your taste, and even allows you to download new ones from the web, or even customise your own.

All this would be moot if Mr. Reader still relied solely on Google Reader for syncing, but a recent update added a ton of different options, including Feedly, Feedbin, Feed Wrangler, and Fever. I’ve been using the app for several months, and I can confirm that Feedly and Feed Wrangler sync seem to work just as well as Google Reader used to. If you’re an RSS power user, and you own an iPad, Mr. Reader is a no brainer.

Mr. Reader ($4.49) [App Store]


  • Shep,
    For those looking for a replacement, how does it compare to Google Reader?

    I investigated quite a few options and found InoReader to be the closest (after you change to “List View” from expanded view).

  • Mr Reader for iPad was my favorite for a long time and it only had a little blip for a brief time when I moved to Feedly and was forced to use their app until others started building for the feedly API. Now that Mr Reader supports feedly, I am a very happy chappy. Mr Reader has a great list view, can load as many old posts as you want (most other apps try to limit you to 5000 max), it also marks read as you scroll which is very handy to know where you are up to.

  • I been using a loving for along time Reeder App on my iPad, also iPhone and also the OS.X version. However was disappointed to find the promised migration to Feedly has not happened and will not happen for some time (if at all).

    Then just yesterday I was DELIGHTED to stumble across Mr Reader. It’s got all that Reeder has… plus a bunch of other nifty features. Works fantastic on my iPad. which is where I do most of my feeding.

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