Morning Starts Your Day Off Right With Lots Of Useful Information

iPad: If your iPad is within reach when you wake, Morning turns it into a dashboard packed with useful information you need to start your day off on the right foot. The weather, your to-dos, calendar appointments, news headlines and your estimated commute time are all in one easy to read display.

Once installed, you can customise the display with up to eight different topics you want displayed on the main screen: weather, to-dos, calendar appointments, stocks, news headlines, commute and travel time, the current date and time, or a countdown timer. You can mix and match them anyway you like and the display auto-sizes to accommodate them. For example, you can start your day with the current weather conditions, an overview of your to-do list, your meetings for the day, how long it'll take you to get to work, and have a timer in the corner so you'll see when it's time to press the plunger down on the French Press and pour your morning cup.

You can even customise the background colours and the specific information each panel displays so you see what you want to see. The app looks great, and is on sale for $US3 to celebrate its launch (although they don't say what the full price will eventually be). The dev also notes that he has plans to add other apps and tools to Morning in the future, like updates from Twitter or Facebook, or your current steps or status from your fitness tracker. In any event, you can hit the link below to read more about the app or grab it from the iTunes App Store.

Morning ($2.99) [iTunes App Store via Morning]


    I keep a laptop connected to my tv and have been looking for something like this for the LONGEST time; so that when I get up to have breakfast I can see pertinent info plus news. Is there a website / windows software that will do something similar?

      Is there a website / windows software that will do something similar?

      It reminds me of the Metro menu in Windows 8. You'd just need the right Apps to go with it. Most of them sound pretty achievable, although one frustrating thing is the inability to generate multiple tiles from a single app each displaying different information. You could have your calender App tell you the time, date, how long before you have to leave for work, your appointments for the day, etc but you couldn't split it into multiple tiles.

      Just build one! :) + RSS Feeds + REST APIs from the pertinent places you want your news and info from, built in a custom HTML page. Have it fullscreen, and bam, fullscreen info app!

        Unfortunately I'm not a programmer

          HTML and jquery are easy enough to learn, even for the layman. Give it a go, you'll be surprised how much you can accomplish with them!

        That's what I did

        I went one step further and made a planner that grabs the weather forecast for the rest of the week and overlays it with your list of things to do per day, so you can schedule what day is best to do task X, as far as I know, I don't think anyone's made anything that does that...

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