Memo To Adobe: Subscription Services Fail When Support Sucks

One of the selling points for subscription-based software such as Adobe’s Creative Cloud is that your software is constantly up-to-date and easily available. However, that benefit doesn’t count for anything if the support for the product is useless.

Photoshop expert Helen Bradley details some of the horrendous experiences she has had in trying to use the subscription version of Captivate. The run-around included being told to change her password, told that she needed to subscribe to the subscription software she already paid for and had contacted support about, and eventually being told it was a known bug and she would have to use a trial version until someone worked out how to fix it.

In theory, Adobe offers additional levels of support to corporate licence holders. In practice, it’s hard to see how that would produce any real advantage if this is the level of support on offer.

Falling foul of the new Adobe cloud subscription service [Helen Bradley]


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