Make A DIY Reusable Ice Pack From An Empty Cask Of Wine

Occasionally enjoy wine by the cask? Here's how to transform a freshly emptied box into a huge ice pack for an esky.

Take the bag that used to hold the wine, rinse it out, and fill it with water. Lay it flat in the freezer, and wait. You have a huge, reusable ice pack.

The video above steps through the process. Remember, cask wine goes bad faster than bottled, so keep it chilled or drink it up. At least now you have something to do with the cask when you're done.

How to Make a DIY Ice Pack from Boxed Wine [America's Test Kitchen


    No doubt you'll need an Ice pack the next day after drinking cask wine.

    I started doing this 15 about years ago...but better late than never!

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