Make A DIY Keyboard Key Remover With Two Paper Clips

Make A DIY Keyboard Key Remover With Two Paper Clips

If you ever need to move, swap, or remove keys from your keyboard, you’ll probably want the help of a keycap puller. Here’s how to make one with two paper clips.

Replacing and moving keys has become popular with keybaord enthusaists (especially those with mechanical keyboards) and it’s also pretty handy when it comes time to do a little cleaning. You can buy a keycap puller pretty cheap, but if you want one that works in a pinch, you can just bend a few paper clips into the above design and use that instead. I tried it today, and it worked like a charm.

Note that depending on the paper clip, it could scratch the bottoms of your keys, so if you’re worried about that it may be best to wait a few days and order a real one. Hit the link to read more.

DIY U-Shaped Keycap Puller (Image here)


  • PLEASE – in the name of all that is holy – tell us how to get laptop keys back on!!

  • I’ve taken five off. Can we have the instructions for the whatyoumacallit that puts them back on??

  • Hmm, would it not work with a right angle lip folded on the end to grab the edge of the key?

  • In the 32 years of using keyboards (since the ZX81) I have never had the need to do this except as a prank. (Like the time I rented a treadmill).

  • I’d just like to point out that not all keyboards are designed to have their keys removed. It’s usually safe to remove the keys from standard desktop keyboards, but with slimmer keyboards like in laptops you run the risk of breaking the keys and not being able to put them back on.

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