Luggage-Free: Auckland Videos And Wi-Fi Leeching 

Luggage-Free: Auckland Videos And Wi-Fi Leeching 

My speedy trip to Auckland became even speedier when it turned out my hotel’s Wi-Fi was only available in the lobby. Fortunately the Auckland CBD has a few other options.

The video above sums up the first day in pictures. It’s the product of Story Maker, a BB10 app which automatically compiles photos into video summaries. I’m very happy with using it; works well and no hassle.

Music by The J Arthur Keenes  Band

The hassle was that I couldn’t upload it, since there was no Wi-Fi option in my room, paid or otherwise. Telstra has kindly loaned me a SIM for the week but it doesn’t include roaming. I misread the hotel details; more fool me.

The lobby offered free Wi-Fi, but only a scant 8MB; barely enough for email. Auckland CBD has a free Wi-Fi option, with a slightly less restrictive 30MB option, and then there are cafes and Maccas. So I survived, but video uploads had to wait until I had less constrained airport lounge Wi-Fi .

No Wi-Fi  wasn’t the only restriction at the Mercure Windsor, as you can see in this quick hotel video:

Clothes weren’t a bother. My T-shirt and socks dried overnight, but the undies needed a quick blast with a hair dryer before I pocketed them. The hotel had a laundry room, but paying to  dry one item seemed excessive.

Today I fly to Melbourne, with meetings and one of my occasional ABC Radio National Drive appearances to fit in. At least I won’t have to worry about Wi-Fi.


  • Doesn’t surprise me that there is scarce free internet in Auckland. When I lived there 8 years ago, I recall having to pay through the nose for internet access, using old large Nokia ADSL modems.
    Arriving in Aus was like being in a toy store – so much cheap internet !

    I’d hazard a guess that the situation there hasn’t improved much, given the declining fortunes of their economy 🙁

    • Sup ex pay buddy. I moved over from Auckland to Melbourne 8 years ago too. We musta been on the same plane! 🙂 I distinctly remember those massive brick ADSL modems – they were cool back in the late 90s! I think things were improving by 2005 though, and friends speak of Internet speeds and plans now on par with Australia (more or less). I don’t ever plan on moving back but it’s nice to hear they’re at least keeping up with the lower decile of Australia 🙂

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