Log In To Your Yahoo! Mail Address Or Lose It On July 15

Log In To Your Yahoo! Mail Address Or Lose It On July 15

Yahoo! announced recently that it will be resetting all Yahoo! IDs that haven’t been used for over 12 months come July 15. The move is an attempt to let new users get access to unused logins.

If you have an account that you want to keep around but haven’t used in a while, all you have to do is log in to any Yahoo! product with the username you want to keep. Even if you don’t need the account, it may be a good idea to log in anyway, to protect the rest of your online identity.

[email protected] Can Be Yours! [Yahoo!]


  • Funny when companies duplicate phishing attacks. I remember this same thing being used in spam:
    “Yahoo will delete your account for inactivity if you don’t log in to your email here yahoo.com.asdfa093.biz/”

  • What’s stopping me from registering a previously-used-but-is-now-inactive address and requesting password resets all across the internet? Someone forgets their credit card is linked up to a site? Bam. Credit card details.

    Also, I know Yahoo bought Tumblr and all, but I got a bad vibe seeing an update like this coming from “yahoo.tumblr.com”

    Another thing I’d be worried about, is social engineering. Remember me? I’m [email protected]! We haven’t spoken in more than 12 months. How are you?

  • HOLY CRAP I have been waiting for this day since my old Geocities ID was subsumed into the Yahoo namespace and I lost access to it because I used fake details to sign up (hence thwarting the recover password function). Yipee! I wonder if this has anything to do with my constant petitioning about it for the last 5 years 🙂

  • How do you know if you just fell for the current phish attempt Eric, but instead of divulging your password dress up a scam as news?

    Have you reached out to Yahoo to confirm this is true?

    • Um, it’s for real. The source is actually the official Yahoo Tumblr blog, but this story was also reported by reputable publications such as Forbes, etc. not to mention the Wired article included.

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